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If there is any information about hospitals staffed by UEMF employees that you would like, please fill out the following request form. Once you submit your request, a member of UEMF's Business Intelligence team will process the request and send you the information. Please note that some of the requests may take up to 2-4 weeks, depending on complexity and other business-related events.

HIPAA Notice

In the event that you need to input a specific set of private information, Do not post any ePHI such as Medical Record Numbers(MRNs) or any other demographic or patient identification information here. The information you submit via this form will not be publicly displayed. If you need to make a request which includes private information, please email the request instead of filling out the form.

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Please explain who you are and when you need this report. Specify if the report needs to be run more than once, and if so, how often the report needs to be submitted.

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